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The Jacksonville Beach Criminal Defense lawyers at the David Willis Law Group, P.A. know that if you are suffering from a personal injury, have been arrested for suspicion of D.U.I., are dealing with a messy civil litigation, or are facing a criminal charge, you need peace of mind and the best legal representation in Jacksonville. We practice multiple areas of law including:

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DUI - Driving Under The Influence

Criminal Defense

Personal Injury

Civil Litigation

Traffic Tickets & Violations

Construction Law

Auto Accidents

Knowing your rights and having the benefit of a skilled Jacksonville personal injury attorney representing you can make a major difference in the way your case is resolved. Even seemingly minor cases such as traffic violations cases can result in stiff fines, restricted or revoked driving privileges or a jail sentence if you lack solid representation.

At David Willis Law Group, P.A., Jacksonville lawyer David Willis and his smart legal staff aggressively protect clients' rights, reputations and livelihoods. We assure you a vigorous and compelling defense, knowledgeable representation and a high level of personalized attention. You'll know exactly how your case is developing every step of the way.

If you're in need of an experienced Jacksonville lawyer, browse our website to find out more about our firm and our areas of practice. Then contact David Willis Law Group at (904) 270-8707 or to discuss your case with a highly qualified Jacksonville Beach attorney.