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Traffic Ticket Lawyer Jacksonville

Wondering if you need a traffic ticket lawyer? Jacksonville area drivers aren't always sure. But consider this - even a minor traffic offense can result in stiff fines, points on your driver's license and insurance, restriction or suspension of your driving privileges, even jail time if the issue is not handled properly. Having an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Jacksonville can make a major difference in how your traffic case plays out. At David Willis Law Group, P.A., we have a thorough knowledge of Florida traffic laws and court procedures and can help you avoid or reduce the severity of potential legal and financial penalties.

Rather than seek a traffic ticket lawyer, Jacksonville area residents typically simply pay their speeding and other fines. However, paying that ticket has a serious drawback in that it counts as a conviction on your record. Rack up a few of those and you could see your insurance rates skyrocket, have your driver's license suspended and be charged steep state surcharges. In some professions, even one conviction could cost you your job, especially a DUI. As city, county and state budgets continue to tighten, fees increase significantly. Higher public revenue demands mean not only higher penalties but higher ticket quotas for police officers and stricter enforcement. In fact, the National Motorists Association calls traffic tickets a "billion dollar industry annually."

Whether you are charged with a minor traffic violation or one that caused significant damage, you need a traffic ticket lawyer. Jacksonville's David Willis Law Group, P.A. offers counsel in all types of traffic matters. Don't risk high fines, jail time or the loss of your driving privileges. Contact us today at (904) 270-8707.