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David Willis

Areas of Practice

The David Willis Law Group provides representation in the following areas of practice:


If you are charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (DUI, DWI), you could face suspension or loss of driving privileges, heavy fines, even jail time. David Willis Law Group, P.A. can advise you during questioning by law enforcement officers and investigators, handle communications with other attorneys and defend you in court.

Personal Injury

We represent individuals and families of individuals who have been seriously injured or killed by the negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of others. A death or severe injury can be devastating not only to the victim, but to family members as well, and no amount of damages awarded truly compensates. David Willis Law Group, P.A. will work hard to secure the best settlement possible for your situation, and you don't pay us a penny unless you win your case.

Civil Litigation

Although parties usually enter into contracts with the best of intentions, all too often contractual relationships end with disputes over differing interpretations of contract terms and breaches. Jacksonville lawyers with David Willis Law Group, P.A. are in contractual agreements and liabilities including business partnership, employment and landlord/tenant contracts and disputes.

Construction Law

David Willis Law Group, P.A.'s Jacksonville attorneys have a solid, in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern public and private construction contracting and litigation. We help clients craft comprehensive construction contracts and represent them in breach of contract, liens and collection of receivables cases.

Traffic Matters

Whether you are charged with a minor traffic offense or a serious traffic violation, representation in court by a qualified Jacksonville attorney can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. David Willis Law Group, P.A. knows Florida traffic laws and understands the court procedure for these charges. We can help you reduce or avoid fines and points on your driver's license and insurance, save your driver's license and keep you out of jail.

Auto and Vehicle Accidents

If you have suffered damages in an automobile or vehicle accident, we prepare to mediate or take your case to trial. We will not accept any settlement that does not adequately address your medical and property damages and you owe us nothing unless you win your case.

Motorcycle Accidents

Jacksonville's David Willis Law Group has in-depth knowledge of all the Florida laws and regulations specific to motorcyclists and to automobile operators driving near a motorcyclist. Unfortunately, many automobile drivers have little or no experience either riding a motorcycle or safely sharing the roadway with motorcyclists.